You know your best friend. The only person in the world who can be beguiling and annoying all in the same heartbeat. Who can frustrate you as you breathe in, but by the time you’re exhaling, you’ve excused them. They’re the one who knows to bring you lard at the right crisis, who texts out of the blue when you’re trapped in a boring moment and the ONLY one who is allowed to laugh when a stupid mishap occurs at your expense.

Yup, they’re the ones your partners wish you treated them like. Chances are, you’ve invested years in that friendship. You may not have immediately clicked, but over time there has been an intimacy that now allows you to finish each other’s sentences. (If your partner were to try all the time, woe betide – unless you are in such a beautiful place that your best friend IS your partner – in which case, you probably don’t need to read any of my blog 😉 )

When they are down, you step up. You remind them to go easy on themselves when they are too driven. You softly point to mistakes they’ve made to remind them how far they’ve come. You tell them they are beautiful inside and out, and worthy of the best kind of love there is.

So now consider what a powerful being you could be for that best friend if you could do the same for yourself. Cut yourself slack, treasure only the best of souls in your life and let the rest go, know your beauty and what you bring to the world. Consider how much freedom you would have and how many limits you would then have to let go. No seriously, it’s scary to think how many walls you would have to annihilate.

But if you do allow yourself to do it for them, shouldn’t you do it for you? Kid yourself you’re doing it to be a better friend if you must, but do it because, deep deep deep down in the pile of untended thoughts in your heart, you know you should.

(Excuse the profanity but the sentiment was just too good to pass up!)


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