Change is inevitable. It’s the only inevitability. It’s the progress that we yearn, the growth that we exult and the journey that we love. Each day brings a crossroads for someone; if not you, a friend, family or ‘foe’.

Some change feels organic, right and easy. It’s a glide into a new chapter; a hop, skip and a jump into a new happiness. We’re all wired to recognise that feeling of freshness. Your body is lighter. You see less flaws when you’re in front of the mirror. Your eyes sparkle and people involuntarily smile more around you. You cast your vision forward and any little disruption slides off your reality without denting it. You accept the change with grace and elegance.

Some shifts feel more like earthquakes. First you see the tremors, you know something is coming and you steel yourself for the onslaught. Then the cracks start to appear and it seems like you can’t predict where the next one will be. You become unsure of your footing and where to lean for support, in case that is the part that cracks. You are aware that help is there, but like in the films, it’s that risk of loosening your grip to put your hand into the future. And then you are forced to do it anyway.

a cloudy sky is as beautiful

a cloudy sky is as beautiful

It’s amazing that we understand that both states are temporary, as temporary as a summer’s day or a stormy night. The highs of the first state will be forgotten at some point and the lows of the other too. We are designed to go through both, both serve purpose and both build us our future. We know they both serve us and it is right to go with change, all kinds of change, with the same grace and faith.

Today, I find my way through the second kind of change. There are a lot of balls up in the air. There is a lot that appears way beyond my control. So today and for the next few days, what I am doing is this:

  • speak without drama, I don’t need any more nor do I need to attract more
  • take time out each day for myself, do whatever works for you
  • walk slower to work, not from reluctance but to see the world around me and appreciate it
  • talk to friends about the important happy things, there’s always something better to talk about
  • be extra kind, that includes myself
  • give love to those who love me, let them remind me of my core not my circumstances
  • sleep when I can, there is nothing I can fix better when exhausted
  • do constructive things I can, then let go and trust in the process (sooooo easy 😉 )
  • eat well, I’ll thank myself later
  • go somewhere with a distant horizon to remind myself of the wider perspective

May we all always have the strength to trust the process, the faith that good is always coming and the understanding that the future is always beautiful, if we can but smile now.

Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress.
Bruce Barton


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