always moving along

always moving along

I was born into a world of difference. I grew up in a world of difference. In The Gambia, I was a white kid with oriental eyes in West Africa. In Bangladesh, I went to an American International School and was in the minority as a mixed-race child (Welsh and Malaysian to boot). In the UK, I’d grown up in a world of Islamic calendars, identified myself as Gambian and had never bought sweets before. I’d travelled for as long as I could remember. Resting in one place was the foreign life to me.

When I was old enough, I started to panic. Panic that I would never get the funds to see places where I could be in difference again, countries that were foreign and vistas unknown. As I flicked through National Geographics; lived vicariously through my heroes of David Attenborough, Will Travers and Gerald Durrell; appreciated my past with more wise eyes, I wondered how I would be able to maintain that life. The panic shaped my career path, combined with my passion. I could always travel as an English teacher after all.

Now? Now I don’t panic even though travel still courses through my veins. The longing to see another diversity in its own habitat, to see culture and environment dance its merry dance into another lifestyle? The longing is still there. I can’t wait to learn what that tells me about me. I don’t want it any less, but I do understand that I also need to learn more from life around me now.

It took me moving and fighting to live in Australia to realise that I truly love London and that I’ve adopted it as one of my homes. I’ve learnt that I have many homes. It’s taken me three years and my iPhone to truly soak in the little things around me as I used to (safirowland.wordpress.com shameless self-promotion). It’s taken this blog to remind me that I can grow from something that appears as daily routine.

Travel is still in my blood, it will always be a part of my pulse. It’s something that helps me feel alive. It proves to me that I can make connections with strangers and reminds me remain flexible in mind. My bucket list still grows. But if I can’t get to the mountain quite yet, I will try learn as much at ground level..

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

**in no particular order!! 🙂


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