I’ve decided that I need a levity of tone today – so here goes.

Dear future self,

I am writing to you as I have a sneaky suspicion that, being human, you keep straying off the path which you set yourself.

You know that great routine of daily meditation and yoga? Remember that it made you a little more lean and keen? If you can’t wrap your leg three times around your head, then you’ve not been keeping it up, so get back on it! If you have been doing it, but still can’t do this, maybe take up swimming instead 😉

Remember that a little cheek gets you a long way. It’s made you all sorts of friends, has got you out of all sorts of hot water. Remember, no one expects a lady with a somewhat posh diction to understand sarcasm or innuendo. Use it to your advantage. It’s still one of the best weapons you’ve got.

Have you donated those suits yet? You know, those ones you spent a fortune on to take yourself seriously, only to realise that you’re really not a ‘corporate serious’? Ditch ’em – give them to someone else who wants to/ can be that serious. Just rock that weird mish-mash, casual hippy conservative thing you’ve got going on. And if you are sitting in an office reading this, something has gone awry.

It’s still okay to eat a whole bag of caramel popcorn whilst watching a Disney film. Just saying.

Remember it’s okay, nay important, to tell beautiful people that they are beautiful. Even in the street. People will think you are mad or sad, but there is no other way to break the cynicism. Truth by truth, bring smiles through appreciation.

On the note of beauty, you do NOT need 10 million drawers of cool ethnic bling. No one does. Seriously. Enough. EVEN Samantha Wills. Maybe just one more piece…

SW cravings

SW cravings

You’ve no doubt added to your global family. They are a unique bunch of all sorts of passionate. Their passion is what you love. So don’t forget them all. They still see more in you than you do – that’s a nice thing 🙂 Make sure you are still around to do the same for them. Don’t let geography be an excuse for distance.

Finally, if in the last 12 months, you’ve not travelled, danced, gorged, photographed, laughed your way into agony, hugged a bone-crusher hug, written for this blog, cried, cared, played your guitar, sung in an empty house or loved your bed, you’ve missed the point somewhere. Go for yum cha/ dim sum whilst you re-calibrate and then get back to it. There’s a whole world of mischief, adventure and exploration into which you need to be immersed.

And, whatever you do, always find time for the little frog song with those who understand.

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