It’s a wet kinda day – it was  a double-duvet night and this morning’s walk to the bus was accompanied by a soundtrack of rain water cascading under the streets back into the cycle of nature.

Today, whilst many of my UK friends post all sorts of diatribes and laments, my online community posts inspiration. I find myself liking more and more posts on Facebook – and today I wondered why. Then I realised it’s because I’ve actively cultivated my newsfeed to be full of creative, motivational and happy feeds. And I smiled. Then I came on here and I saw more and more. If ever there was an online platform that teaches you to be you: vulnerable, strong, open, a believer, compassionate, perceptive and inspired, it’s here.

So today, I have nothing more to say other than thanks. Thank you to those who post beauty every day, who consider it nothing but do it anyway. Thank you to the people who take the time to leave comments for anyone else on here. You all rock. Profoundly.

much love

much love


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