• that we talk about ‘people’ as an entity separate from ourselves
  • that we feel the need to distinguish between friends and acquaintances to dodge perceived judgements
  • how we often think we can listen with just one ear
  • how hard it can be to say ‘thank you’ and for the recipient to hear sincerity
  • how we may smile at something we spot, then cover the smile in case someone else thinks we are smiling for no apparent reason other than being crazy
  • that we prioritise remembering disembodied information – information from those we love, we think we can afford to forget as they will forgive us if we do
  • that a good journey on public transport means not having to share your seat with anyone
  • how everyone hears traffic and not birdsong
  • how we rush to fill gaps in our lives by ourselves rather than having faith that it can be filled with something better from elsewhere
  • how we convince ourselves that the time spent waiting for our morning coffee is time we could be achieving something SPECTACULAR
  • how we create things called ‘holidays’ as designated times to stop and unwind
  • how anger has become one of the default reactions to inconvenience
  • how we can step up to do something, believing we can do it better, then resent having to do it
  • how we write lists of important things to do, as if we can forget the really important things
  • how we write endless lists to order our lives…. 😉
funny looks

funny looks


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