“I find it unusual that it is more socially acceptable to complain about what you have than it is to ask for what you want.”
– Phil Lout

It’s a philosophy I’ve heard a couple of times but today it seems to have a power in it, so I share. The idea is simple, the message very clear, the implementation…aye, there’s the rub! Sounds easy, but is a little deceptive in its simplicity:

It’s Friday and I am in the office. The floor is quiet and I am, believe it or not, also churning through emails whilst I process, draft and publish this. On my way into work on the bus, I sat next to those taking their work with them, studying, catching up on sleep and those drifting on their gaze out of the window. A commute is always a low-energy journey, there is rarely a spark to be seen. For the rest of the day, I will be churning through emails, keeping life within my role as balanced as possible, whilst trying to reserve energy to be good company tonight as there’s a performance to attend. Inbetween tasks, I will also be trying to not bite my nails, to eat properly, grab some precious minutes with my friends to see how they are and to get some fresh air. Once home, I will try to be present enough to sustain some kind of conversation, do my journal and relax enough to sleep happily into the weekend.

So now the philosophy. Replace ‘I have to’ with ‘I get to’.

It’s Friday and I got to start my day, as I always do, with some yoga. I get to do it because I am healthy and understand the happiness I derive from starting my day with doing something for myself. I get to have a steaming hot shower every day without worrying about how to pay the bills for it, or whether there will be enough warm water to take the edge off the wintery morning chill. I get to choose how to get to work. I get to go to work which allows me to earn, allows me to grow and affords me a comfortable lifestyle. I get to sit in an office surrounded by people who care about what they do, even if they don’t always handle the passion very well 😉 I get to care about the trivial little things, because all the basic needs for my survival are never in question. I get to share those little things with people who I care about, and who care about me and they will all build up a bank of memories that create friendships and love. I get to choose how I expend my energies and I get to collapse into a beautiful bed buried under toasty blankets to slumber my way into another day when I get to do it all over again. I get to do that with the peace of mind that tomorrow will bring me smiles.

all the perspective

all the perspective


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