*** an outpouring from the brain***

Sometimes I hear the older generations bemoan the kids of today. They point fingers and furrow faces at a lack of manners, of consideration and independence. It made me wonder about the environment in which we are all sitting.

Last night, the Australian Labour Party collapsed in on itself once more and booted out the person who had booted out the previous leader. The previous leader is now re-instated (got that?). Last night, a fight that occurred on the set, I mean, pitch between some of the State of Origin players. In the debrief after, the fight was declared as something that brings an ‘x-factor’ to the game, the ref’s rulings pronounced almost draconian. Last night, there was ever an outpouring of love and support for Nelson Mandela as he lies in a critical condition and on a life support. Some of the love included speaking eulogies as if he has passed already.

These are confusing times where many people claim that there is no longer an excuse for ignorance; that people need to exercise their human freedom by ensuring they know all they need to know. People say that we need to speak out and speak up now, but surely we need to consider the message first. The fundamental understanding is that the truth is now out there. The problem is, each and every truth is now out there. There are people acting everywhere on their own principles and perspectives and we expect everyone else to be able to filter as appropriate (whatever appropriate is). You are expected to know your own mind on your life and on the entire remaining world and all that it encompasses. I wouldn’t be a kid in this world if someone paid me. It’s hard enough being adult in it.

So why do I highlight last night? Last night seemed to sum it all up for me. When I was a child, any attempt to group them together as a cohesive subject matter would have been met with complete derision. In a modern world where much of cultural currency is all about celebrity, these three events can now all be grouped together in a paragraph. It feels like we have unwittingly created a false equality in media space where any fame makes any story comparable and of the same stature. And the message was scary: it’s okay to make politics about a cult of personality (or lack thereof). A little fighting amongst paid professional sportsmen is sexy and an integral part of the ‘game’. And some of the western world can start saying goodbye to one of the most influential voices of our time, as other folk cross countries to gather under his hospital window to send him strength and healing.

I am conscious that I am glancing over a very big topic here and that I risk being simplistic and not saying anything of value. If I am already there, then I am sorry. In truth I’m not even sure what I am trying to say. But I know there are people in Turkey making passive stands in the face of government violent stances, there is no glorification of violence emanating from those images. There are people in the world who fight for the right to vote, because there is a process in place which, at its heart, could make a difference to people’s lives. When the media interviewed the Australian public about the leadership issues last night, not one policy was mentioned, only personality. And there is a politician on life support, known as happily by his tribe name ‘madiba’ as his western name ‘Mandela’, who still today transcends all sorts of seemingly insurmountable walls and boundaries, whilst we build our own little walls and boundaries into our daily lives as ‘protection from _________’.

My hope is, that as the shift happens, people stop playing ‘pick and mix’ with the messages they choose to hear and realise. The media is the biggest freedom-fighting, propaganda-making, soapbox conscience that there has ever been. It’s too easy to subscribe to thoughts issued forth without questioning how they all sit together in your singular mind. It’s too easy to speak words and not contemplate their connotations, regardless of if you intend them or not.

May we all mindfully somehow, slowly and peacefully, find our way through to a single standard of harmony.

Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us.

Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us.


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