Initial thought: When I was young, I wanted mail because it meant that I was grown up and people wanted to be in touch. As an adult, I understand post mail means people want money (although there is someone on here who helps me change that!).

It would seem that, when you’re a kid, all you want to do is get old. Because old is masqueraded as synonymous with independence. The ability to do what you want, when you want. It’s one of the greatest truths and myths of our culture. Because in our lands, adulthood comes with all sorts of shackles if you choose to embed yourself in normality. And the freedoms you thought would be yours, as a kid, are still just out of reach.

As you age, it’s hard to not subscribe to the important things in life. You learn quickly that one of the first questions a new person will ask is ‘what do you do?’ and that your answer will open and close doors without you even realising. You’ll get asked where you come from, and you will activate social categories around you like launching a new game mode on the most popular game. Soon, without paying much mind to it, your priorities are ones set by the populous. Soon, the definition of maturity is actually synonymous with ‘that of the majority’. Not married and older that 35? Must be immature. Not carved out a career by 40? Needs to grow up

If there are little life wisdoms in Disney films for children to consume, then surely they’re appropriate to all ages. Imagination has a place in every chapter of life. Every spirit should be able to rise at the simple prospect of laughter, fun and adventure without calculating cost, responsibility and constraints. There may be old and young souls, but we should always be able to look through childish eyes.

I want to be able to think ‘what next’ with a simple and pure sense of adventure. I look back and I’ve grown old before my time. And if I spend the rest of my years undoing that process, I will consider them years well spent.



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