Good morning. It’s great to see you woke today. That already means it’s going to be a great day, for here is a day for you to be alive in. Your body has responded to the beautiful little natural nuances that tell muscle and sinew, spirit and energy to rise back up to see the daylight. The sky above you is still protecting you and, if you’re even more lucky, it’ll paint beautiful images for you all day. Take a moment to get lost in that view, in that perspective. It will help with any niggles, pain or sadness that may still be trying to pop their way into your routine.

If you get ready within the sanctity of four walls with a roof over your head, give thanks. If you read this from another abode but have access to food and water, I smile for you too. For there are many today who will walk a distance through their lives just for sustenance, only to walk back to then create experiences that we privileged few deem as ‘life’. Acknowledge all the layers of protection within which we get to operate: walls, roofs, clothes, transport, makeup that allow us to go into the main sunlight/rain hours with some sense of preparation, and step eagerly into your day.

Today, some people will trigger love, others annoyance. Not everything will ‘go your way’. All it means is that we are all lucky enough to have an expectation of ‘my way’ in the first place. And if we need little reminders of that, then that’s okay. It’s not like trees can storm off elsewhere whenever they see lightening on its way. Bathe in the love around you, make sure you can see it. It’s in the little things: the messages you’ll receive, the quick smiles, the people doing their thing without getting in your way. It’s in the truths people tell to help you build and in the half-truths to spare your feelings. It’s in the food that someone has grown for you and the clean water to slake your thirst. It isn’t the love of one but the love of more people than you can ever conceive of.

To those who annoy you, thank them too: for reminding you of what you hold dear, and for those people around you daily who have helped you maintain those values. If they anger around you, then see that they have their own axe to grind, don’t add your blade into their workload. It’s already too much for them to manage. And if you feel that you already have too much to manage too, that you are tired and frail and can’t fight, then know that the tiredness comes from already fighting. It’s a sign that every atom and energy in-between is already committed to righting wrongs and healing hurts. Just as you breathe, you are not required to do anything else. But if you can appreciate that fact, it may heal a little faster.

If your day races by, the chances are it’s because its lessons were easy to see. You are good at what you do. You can get stuff done when you need to. You have more energy and drive that you give yourself credit for. You will already always remember that that moment was momentous. Don’t try to hang on to anything more than the ride. If the minutes drag endlessly, try to see what you are missing. There is probably something you need to recalibrate on, and the day in its generosity, is trying to give you space to do so. That niggling feeling is important. If your self-criticism is deafening, ask if it is real. Unpack the seconds and see what lies behind.

Tonight, as your day draws to a close, watch the spectacle of the sky. Every night, there is a celebration of the hours that were. It can be gentle and muted, or dramatic and breathtaking. It will lull you with a sense of security or wake you to the extraordinary powers that lie around us. But each sunset is a celebration in itself. Join it. Stand under it and gaze up. Find a smile if you can. The hours may have given you what seems like an impossible and insurmountable problem. They may have donated you endless trivialities. Either way, at some point in the future, you will stand under the same but different sky and, if you’ve paid attention, you will understand why. If you’ve been given a fight, then know you have the strength for it. If it seems like the gift of defeat, then it’s really a new beginning. And unlike the sky, you can choose the picture to paint with that.

Life is not about seeing your glass as half full or half empty. It’s about realising you have a glass at all. That you have something that not everyone had today, or the next today or the next. It’s not about the responsibility of filling it up just right. Because the glass grows with each drop of nourishment you put in it. The secret is only to appreciate that it’s there. The rest will come.

the glass - courtesy of forum.breakbeat.co.uk

the glass – courtesy of forum.breakbeat.co.uk


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