Every time someone celebrates a birthday, my heart rejoices. Not because I am a sadist (as modern culture would have you believe), but because I understand what a blessing it is to be able to age. Most of us will see another year in with a roof over our heads and friendly faces to come in through our front door. It will see us in comparatively good health or with good opportunity to fight for it, at least. It will find us with dreams intact and maybe some coming to fruition.

It’s another year lived, more opportunities explored, more spirit grown and horizons opened – if we have done it right. If we’ve done it right, we know ourselves more and care about strangers’ judgements less. We speak us more and hear other hearts more. We look more knowingly and softer to our shadows and understand better our light. We’ll be able to welcome the new year knowing better that we have soul friends down the road and around the world, with more connections to make as we journey.

A birthday is another marker of progress and of ambition: recognising all that you have done with your body and mind and spirit since you first opened your eyes, and where you want to cast your gaze next. It’s a chance to look back and see all the evidence that there is magic in a youthful mindset – be limitless, have faith and dream big. It’s a chance to understand how all the tiny steps you never even realised you were making have got you oh so far and into the right place. The place from which you can choose victory, whatever that means to you.

the attitude of good ages:
Remember the joy of getting to your feet, as a baby, because you understand movement forward is compelling, exciting and necessary
play at the little things, take joy in everything and nothing
question it all and keep learning
start pulling in people who suit you, rather than who fits your image
keep embracing that you aren’t supposed to have all the answers
realise you can start again whenever you need
release yourself from all peer pressure
remember that your dreams don’t have an expiry date



13 thoughts on “live life not ages

  1. Very good, this is the right attitude. It reminds me of a German birthday song. I made some English lyrics for it.
    Originally it was made for children by the artist, but when it became so famous everybody was singing it in Germany, someone added another verse for grown-ups. Here is the link to the English lyrics (a youtube video is embetted, so you can hear the melody and sing it to your friends on their birthdays)

    • Thank you 🙂 I love looking for quotes to go with my posts and I just couldn’t go past this one. I’m glad you see why!
      Thanks for reading and for the comment, very grateful

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