I was reminded of the power of syntax and of philosophy today. It is the one sentence in which, I think, resides one of the keys to it all.

On any given day, we find ourselves at peace or in anger, in hysterics or stony cold silence. People annoy through whichever button is easiest to press in you at the moment, in that space and time. Sometimes, you crave solitude and silence. Sometimes you want to share a cup of coffee with the world and listen to the infinite source of stories about diversity of humanity.

Either way, you can be assured of one thing. When you really really want it one way, the exact opposite may crop up for you. And then rises the question: why is this happening to me? What is life trying to do to me?and it’s that voice of separation that I think can be the undoing of us. Because life isn’t some external force issuing conditions to us from afar. It’s not a power that lies couched in the universe under the aliases of ‘Murphy’s law’ or any other such label we merrily attribute.

Life is the force within us. It’s what keeps us breathing and our hearts beating. It moves us forward in dimensions and parameters that we understand. It’s the tenacity that allows most of us to learn to walk and talk. It flows bright and strong with smiles and slows to allow assimilation of the darker moments and their messages.

Life then can’t happen to us, surely it must happen for and from us.

For me, it is easier to believe that a challenge arises because I’ve something to learn from it for my own progress, than to offer it over to some random control force that operates from on high. For me, the idea that the good and the bad are unique to us because they come for us helps me to believe that no issue is insurmountable, no matter of first impressions. For me, it’s easier to assimilate life as a blessing and therefore the obstacles in it as part of the same, than to try to categorise my existence into ‘mine’ and ‘other’.

From this angle, if things happen for me, then they are designed to see me ultimately succeed: move on, grow and improve. If they are for me, then I am freed from comparing my reaction to everyone else’s. If everything is for me, I can release a little control and go with the flow of it more. I can feel my own way through it because its solution is personal to me.

This was my timely reminder today and I am ever grateful for it.

2 thoughts on “a timely reminder

  1. I absolutely love and cherish tese moments when the answer comes suddenly and even better when it surges from within… I recently wrote a post IN MY HEAD very similar to yours… where I questioned my uncommon reaction to some bad news and some good news I had received, I did not cry or feel depressed at the sad and I did not make a fuss at the good… I kept it to myself but still wondered why, until I had my timely reminder which took me to a poem/prayer by St. Teresa of Avila: “Let nothing disturb you,
    Let nothing frighten you,
    All things are passing away:
    God never changes.
    Patience obtains all things
    Whoever has God lacks nothing;
    God alone suffices.”
    The good was so lovely to hear that it balanced out the bad and in the end it all passes and I am grateful for both because as you say “it is easier to believe that a challenge arises because I’ve something to learn from it for my own progress”… the good is reassurance and the bad is a challenge that I don’t have to face or solve alone… I have been MIA tending to these situations plus work and family but I am on the look out for your posts my dearest friend, your words soothe and guide my soul. thank you for writing about your timely reminder, huge hug Alexandra

    • I am sorry that you have had to be MIA but I hope that it is allowing you to find paths through. Yes, little ‘aha!’ moments are beautiful, especially if they give you a gentle route out of harder thought patterns.
      And thank you for always being so generous with your time to stop and read and comment so gently.
      Hugs back always

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