I have a dream that we can all be at peace with our worlds. I have a dream that, day by day, as we draw breath and beat hearts, our eyes are no longer dimmed by the illusion of separation but see instead your world and my world and our world as fragments of the same beautiful universal energy and landscape. I have a dream that, with that same real vision, we shall lose the ability to judge a social, political or spiritual hierarchy and instead help one another along our own unique stumbling blocks as we all look to progress.

From that perspective, our lives blossom. Without judgement comes compassion, and from compassion comes community. When we are no longer trying to protect our own standing and material self-branding, we can lose those elements that force distinction and concentrate on those that realise communion. Profit loses its shine, and health and goodwill can become the true currency of wealth. With the cessation of external delineations between you and me, we can afford to turn in, to look to self betterment, to understand that change has to come from us first before we wag fingers elsewhere. And once we have seen how hard it is to get to where we dream of for ourselves, we will find it much harder to judge others for failing to fulfil theirs.

I dream of a world where a footstep taken into meadow or beach, stone or rippling water is valued beyond the speed at which we travelled from A to B today. Where being able to predict the weather or camp out in wilderness for a month is as commonplace as knowing how to order a coffee in the morning or shop for a week in less than an hour in the local global supermarket. I smile at the world where people will be able to identify the bug before they swat it away and where less are killed because ‘they’re disgusting’. In a world such as this, rain and sun are greeted with smiles alike and we do more to preserve the cycles as they should be, ever evolving but not sped up by our occupation of the planet. I yearn for the understanding that we are surrounded by all the energy we need, inside and out, free and for all.

And the blessing is, I see it coming. I understand that this is a romantic idealistic post for some, but I see the minuscule changes and from those I take hope. Today I have a dream and the idea that dreams can come true.



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