From behind my eyes, I see the same tree you see, but will never be able to tell if you see the same as me. We both point at the leaves and pronounce them green but will never know if your green is my green. I too will use words like love and hate and peace. We will both smile and nod an agreement of definition, but will never know if the nuances behind the voice match. I will reach out and shake your hand and I will know you by your grip. But I will never truly know what you know of me by my grip and how far the judgement reaches. We will walk side by side but never tread the same path, although it would appear otherwise. For your pebble is my smooth, and my rough is your cruise.

From behind my skin, I can see us as a united whole in flow or as disparate entities jostling around. There are some of you I’ve met in person with no connection whatsoever, and some who I’ve never seen but sense a kindred comprehension. We may or may not be alike, you and I, and I will never know your true story. But I do know I have a choice.

From behind my eyes, my choice is to see all that we will never share, know or understand or to see that which we have in common. I can choose to remember that we share the same sky, air and physicality. I can choose to see that we all want to communicate the best we can, through word and action and heart. For, I believe, behind all the superficial rifts and divides that we all choose to point at when it suits, we are all still fundamentally, elementally and naturally connected.



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