Once upon a time, there were no seconds nor minutes. There was only sun up and sun down, day and night, short tasks and long tasks.

With time came clocks and ‘clocking in’ and ‘clocking out’ to the town clock. There was a breakfast time, a lunch break and dinner time.

As time migrated to our wrists, we became more and more obsessed with minute arms calling our life rhythm. We were no longer looking to the skies to measure progress, but a machine of our own making borne of our own obsessions, priorities and values. We’ve created timetables and alarms, timers and itineraries to bed the concept in.

Since then, we’ve become ever more time poor. Now things are only successful the more instantaneous they seem. Companies are progressive and reliable if they can supply before you register the loss of either monies paid or hours waited. We even bend time to ‘daylight saving’ without really questioning the love/hate relationship with time that this engenders. And in this world, we’ve become fascinated with ‘quality of life’.

As a generation who feels, perhaps more keenly that any other, that time is slipping away from us, we sprint ahead regardless. We are taught time saving tips, sold instant meals and type instant messages. We look to solve issues with the environment with quicker solutions than with a true long term view of what impact those solutions may also have. We try to march through lanes of traffic to get to work faster, but with gazes glued to mini screens so that we also don’t have to miss a chance for ‘meaningful’ social interaction. For a generation who preaches freedom for the masses, we are caught in seconds-sensitive chains.

There are a million quotes with which I could finish off this little musing but I shall add the one that has been most thought provoking to me.

May time be with you 🙂



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