If you aren’t going to speak for you, then who else can?

Life is the epitome of the subjective and personal. All that you are, think, and perceive makes your world. Your bias bends views and your opinions shape events.

In a way then, it is right to take it all personally. As it happens to you, it happens to no one else. And yet, that doesn’t mean that you have to be passive about it. It doesn’t mean that you are your own unique life’s punchbag. On the contrary, you are choosing to be the boxing glove or the olive branch. You are the smile or the set jaw. You are the curse or the chuckle of joy.

For you alone get to decide how to interpret your world, the things around you, the items of value and the people of note. You alone get to make mountains out of molehills or play a game of marbles with stumbling blocks in your path. You choose which wave of emotion to surf and which dance to sit out.

For my sake, I’m glad. I don’t want that much control over your life, nor you over mine. As far as I’m concerned, no stranger should have the right to dictate my day anymore than a friend. And I would far rather not to have to determine if something happening to you is good or bad. Truth be known, I can only guess at the outcome which only you have the power to change anyway. But if you want me to be, I’d be honoured to offer a hand, a different possible perspective or a loving heart if you feel too lonely to make the next step.

Personally speaking, although it may be tiring and intimidating, it’s also rewarding and liberating that my world is down to me. So if I let you in it, play gentle and fair, speak soft and from the heart and bring your best energies. Because that is what I’ll always try to do for you.



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