I’d like to talk to you with eyes and heart wide open, words issuing forth from I-don’t-know-where into a safe part of your soul. I’d like to see them land, swim around for you and be returned ever expansive and appreciated. Together we will build up from characters and spaces to a reality that is and yet to come.

As the words fall, our bodies will animate,lifting with excitement and joy at the connection – that thing that we all come for and for which we yearn. Gestures will match and energies light up. The physical world will contract to nothing more than a nuance and the world of everything else shall grow. Together we shall travel space and time, back and forth, solving issues and creating dreams.

In that moment, you and I will be the most important people of all. Not because we are more significant than anyone else, but because we shall be expressing the thread that binds us all. As humanity sleeps and eats, as it trudges to work and mourns a loss, we shall carry it higher, onto planes unknown and happiness untethered. Together we shall forge just a little step more in our communal journey, and we shall make it a happy step.

So as we talk, put down the phone and remove your gaze from the TV. Drag your brain from your list of things to do and stop worrying about the past. Come back into the present, for here is where it all is. All that you want and all that you are. All that you could be and all that you need to let go. For here is the present, the gift and the power. Here is the energy you need and the tools to channel it right. So as we connect, come here. Don’t hold back and don’t splinter into other worlds and other thoughts. Hear the words and feel the energies and join in the sharing that binds us all.

And if our paths are never to converge again, thank you for giving me your present when you could. It means more than you could know. You can’t know what the smile or the word triggers in my world, but I will know. You can’t know what eye contact opened as I expressed the universe, but I will know. You won’t know what you helped build, but one day I will be able to point to our moment and smile to see the building brick it gave me.

So this Christmas, give everyone your present. Be generous with it, offer it to everyone, for everyone you meet is integral to the giving and the receiving of all that you are. It’s the biggest gift we have and I happily and humbly share it with you, and you, and you.

The-present-moment from www.quoteswave.com

The-present-moment from http://www.quoteswave.com


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