In response to “Over the years, I have traded my Christmas presents in for Christmas presence. What are your favorite Christmas presence?”

1) Love
The amount of love I have in my life is just astounding. When I consider myself to be another run-of-the-mill, uniquely perfect in my imperfections, kind of girl, I am learning to embrace all the love from my loved ones. And it is the most powerful thing in the world and Christmas somehow makes it easier for some people to express it.

2) Food
I am one of the lucky ones because I get to choose what I want to eat every day. I get to attend to my body’s whims, laugh at what it craves and how I select what I perceive as sustenance. During the holidays, with gluttony abound, I give huge thanks for such a blessing and ask that I never take it for granted.

3) Peace
I lived in a military zone for a few months of my life, and I’ve travelled to places where peace is an uneasy compromise dangling into the wind of political egos. I wake every day to a gentle world where people can afford to think their lives are disrupted by peripherals like technology and travel. At Christmas, I have the space and security to get sentimental and to celebrate.

4) Laughter
I don’t laugh enough. I don’t think most people laugh enough. I think we’ve forgotten how to fit it into the daily routine, in a way. Christmas always marks a phase where people really look for jollity, frivolity and merriment. We should extend that bit of the season.

5) Gratitude
I am less and less organised with presents each year, but I am ever more mindful of those I love and what they mean to me. How does that work? Because now, instead of waiting until Christmas to be sentimental, whole-hearted in my communication, and gift bearing in a commercialised sense, I now aim to get to Christmas with every single loved person in my life already knowing how grateful I am that they are in my life. They are my gifts every day and the biggest present I can give back is my presence when we are in touch.

Wishing you all the very very best of the season!



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