I don’t know where this came from, it’s been a long time since I wrote a poem. It’s not totally my voice, I’m not even sure that I love it or know exactly what it says. However, as I wrote it, I post it. So, as Christmas looms, here I am out on a limb:

I don’t want anyone to complete me
I want to be whole on my own,
I just want someone to share with
As we smile and we laugh and we groan

For I need to be enough for myself
To see my own light within,
Before I ask someone else
To love me beyond friends and their kin.

I will never ask you to hold me
When I should be able to walk alone
But I will ask you to keep apace with me
On a path together we have sown.

I will revel in your successes and
Stand mindfully by when it’s hard
I will always offer you kindness
And guidance from more than a card,

But I won’t take ownership of your feelings
Nor the choices you make in your life
For you’re the author of this existence
I won’t be your leader, just your wife.

And as the twists and the turns that will come
Will spin us for here to new lands
I promise I’ll nurture myself first
But will always give thanks for your hands

As we hold each other in this merry dance
This one they call life on earth
You be true to you and me me
Then to true love we will happily give birth.



2 thoughts on “on a limb

  1. So wise! If i knew then what i know now, would i be here nurturing him and my children first… I am slowly, oh so very slowly as to make it unperceivable shifting focus back to the old, forgotten me, i can’t go back to then but i can rewrite my NOW with what i have learned… Beautiful and i’m glad you did not edit yourself, xo alexandra

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