A life of inspiration and sharing
Of community and support
Of growth and abundance
Boundless love and compassion
Of respect and grace
Where things are learnt for the higher good and brought into this world
Where healing is done and wrongs righted
Where contribution is king
Where emphasis is as to local as it is to spiritual, to individual as to global
Where nature can just be
Where judgment isn’t welcome and open minds abound
Where language is of enablement and equality
Where passion can construct
Where the momentum is forward and is a gentle propulsion
There is a sense of vitality and motivation
Systems enhance not stifle
There is a sense of ease and flow
There is companionship
There is spirit
There is a humanity, a commonality celebrated of all mankind
There is a sense of united purpose
A culture of generosity
Of understanding and tolerance
There is credibility in all and a plethora of skills
Smiles are commonplace, laughter a common song
Where we are all imbued with an understanding of the common journey
There is a uniting in the face of any challenges and an understanding that everything can be overcome
A faith that nurtures
Perceptions that are kind

This is my world and each day it grows. Whenever you want, it’s here for you too. There’s no door and no magic key. There are no borders nor enforcements. It’s within every one of us and it wants to be found. It calls us in the silent moments and from the best memories we treasure. It calls us and it’s called home.



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