It takes one day to turn your world in another direction and path.
It takes 24 hours to redefine a connection with another human being.
It takes a single sun up to sun down to see things from another perspective.
It takes from blush to glow worm skies to weave a brand new canvas on which you can redefine play.

So this New Year’s Eve: laugh, drink and be merry. But know that it’s an arbitrary flick of a page on a paper calendar, a notion of a motion that someone set a long time ago. The notion will apply to tomorrow and to each day after. There is nothing special about the Eve of a new year, just that everyone remembers then what is true for all the year, decade and century. That tomorrow is a brand new day. And, as long as today you make the best of what you have, you have set yourself up properly for the next.

It’s not about setting a lifetime mission nor a fluctuating focus off and on in a day. It’s about grabbing the life in the day ahead of you and making it count. It’s about forgiving the trespasses of yesterday to put best foot forward today. It’s about opening your eyes to the light of the day and all the possibilities that it gives to you. It’s about relishing the new memories with old friends and looking forward to those moments and people you haven’t even met yet.

Today is New Year’s Eve, but so is every day. The love you show people, the significance you give the actions of that day, the celebration for the time that’s gone and yet to come… It’s for every day.

Wishing you all 365 Eves this year. May each be the blessing, the learning, the milestone and the opportunity you seek and see with happy eyes. And may you be able to point to the sunset and the achievements each night alongside the most loving eyes who share the same vision as you.



2 thoughts on “one day

    • That is my aim from now on 🙂 I know some days I will falter, but I have a lot around me to keep me on track.
      Hoping you are back on track a little more too, much love x

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