Space does not mean emptiness and emptiness does not mean abandonment. You cannot grow, develop and dream from the comfort of confines. Even those who love you will smother you if they wrap you so tightly with their idea of affection that there is no space inbetween. By pronouncing their boundaries of what you do and what they hope for you, they create meshes in which your wings get tangled.

So unfurl, stretch and push. It’s not being nasty and it’s not rejection. It’s your understanding that you want the best for yourself so you can offer it back to them from a place of power and love.

Space shows a trust that the universe will bring you what you need, not lead you astray. Space will bring you the inspiration you need and the signposts to follow it. Space means you can see things from all angles, new perspectives and out to new horizons. And it means your fresh outlook will draw in similar souls: people who too wish to fly, to grow without compromise, to achieve their best, and who aren’t afraid to ask for help or tools to do so.

So ask to be let go, not so you can be alone but so you can learn where you finish and the rest of the world integrates. Ask to be released, not so you can free fall but so you can check your own footing on the path you occupy.

Create space with a sense of peace. Enjoy it as you enjoy a beach to yourself, an empty field in which you can frolic, the house to yourself. Embrace those who do the same. Love what comes to fill it. And then spot the next new pocket.


2 thoughts on “create sp-e-ace

  1. I need my space and the time it buys me. I need space to find myself when faced with decisions and time to act accordingly. Not so long ago I started defining my territory in a harsh manner, as my husband pointed out, of course, i was suffocating from all the smothering…i started to get some air and to explain my need for space to all the ones that felt rejected, it was hard to identify the feeling as a need for space but it was harder for those affected to understand… Wonderful post dear friend, xo, ale

    • Thanks, darling, as ever. It is a hard thing to express indeed because we all crave intimacy and significance so much, I think. But I watched a video this morning that sparked this post…I think it’s getting increasingly important and that people know it’s not us pushing them away. xx

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