You know, when you look out the window, that the world has changed. People, vistas, look different. There are now invisible tensions and technologies spanning your world and the world in a way that has never before been seen. And you know you have changed. Perhaps the eyes looking out are a little more tired, a little less focused and little less inclined to the light? Over the last few decades, you’ve been living to a brief. I am pretty sure that you could pen it if you set aside about ten minutes or so. You could outline your key objectives, your current audience and your niche role. You could outline the key phases, campaigns and results so far.

But perhaps you are not so good at identifying your unique selling points any more. Chances are, having lived with brand ‘me’ for all these years, you are living with its legacy more than its future. Chances are, you are being limited by your past trends, being delimited by events long gone. Maybe you have come so far since the early days, you no longer recognise where the roots lie, what the heartland is. Maybe your slogans don’t even resonate with you any more.

So time to step back, go back to the drawing board and pull in the creatives. Remind your self what your core is. What are you about and who do you really naturally connect with? Where are the natural synergies and patterns of behaviour that align with you? What have you become subsumed under that doesn’t represent you, that doesn’t serve you as you project outward? What clichés have been gathered around you that need stripping back?

You are unique and you have much to offer. And today is the day to bring it back to life. Reinvigorate that sense of who you really are. Surround yourself with the visionaries and the strategists, the optimists and the operationally-minded. But surround yourself with people who clearly see what all your supporters buy into. Then hear what they have to say. Sit with the feedback and monitor your reactions. What sounds like jargon and what falls like inspired insights?

Then review that old brief. Some of it no longer serves, some of it is anachronistic. Don’t sell out based on those. Some of it is still priceless and invigorating. Sit with those bits and feel that old smile reappear. It’s amazing how much you may grow!

(a well-meant message hidden in a homage to silly marketing jargon on Golden Globes Award night 😉 )


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