Every day, you inspire me with the little things you do. Every minute of every day, it seems like you are devoted to making this world a more beautiful and inspiring place. Nothing is too fine a finesse and you always have the time to spend on it. And every year, you indeed inspire me more. We get to hear of more of your unsung creations, art that you’ve hidden away for us to discover. You’re so playful like that. Yours is a vision that I don’t think I’ll ever understand in my lifetime, but I gaze at all you do in childish wonder.

Your home is beautiful, your eye for colours and eclectic combinations unsurpassed. From the perfectly symmetrical patterns to the seeming chaos in corners, there is always a sense of beauty and design that I think most of us envy. And it’s as though there isn’t a front door to your abode, everything and everyone is welcome, wherever they come from and what ever state they’re in. And once we arrive, it’s hard to even conceive of a more hospitable home. You always tend to the most basic of needs with the greatest of ease, your hostess skills almost invisible with your prowess.

You nurture and empower all who know you. We get to smile as if we are tuned into a secret code that you have taught us. You always send us gifts when we’re unhappy or reasons to beam if we’re already grinning. Your generosity knows no bounds.

I’m sorry that some people, because of your generosity, take you for granted. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just they are so entrenched in their own sense of universe that they can’t see anything beyond. They can’t see what I see and they can’t see what you do. They don’t see how much you can offer them, and that you try to offer them. One day that will change but, in the meantime, sorry.

But more importantly, thank you in abundance. Thank you for trying to hold your own whilst people ignore you. Thank you for being the ground upon which we all tread and the air that we breathe. Thank you for being the sun that makes us shine and the clouds that allow us respite. Thank you for the amazing spectacle of the sky and all that exists above and below it. Thank you for being so much that we haven’t even reached the edge of you yet. Thank you for never creating insurmountable borders and treating us all in much the same way.

Thank you for reminding us on a cellular, physical and universal level of all the potential we hold. For proving how much energy can achieve. Thank you for being the most beautiful epitome of universal love, offering life in the best way you can to as many of us as you can, no matter what we do. May we all learn to love you, Mother Earth, the same way.



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