We meet, we smile, we share and we fall. As we fall, we gaze at each other’s cuts and bruises, scars and walls and groom each other through them. For every wound we share, we bond. We feel we understand we can speak the same language,and that we can support each other better. We compare size and depth, dark and light, and we feel intimacy. And further we fall. We connect over stories – so we share stories and drama, we share in empathy and sympathy. There is a comfort in the shadows and the embracing of what has past. And we become integral to each other’s next chapters, supporting actors in the next evolution of the tale.

Some people live by their stories. They are a sum total of everything that has ever happened to them. But as people grow, stories shift. People who want to make progress will benchmark their progress against the very stories that created the bonds in the first place, and those stories will get re-framed, re-filmed, edited and may even end differently. And what happens then, when one of us heals, when one of us embraces the dark and the light, not for points of compatibility but as a foundation for a spring board? As one starts to move back up, stronger and more whole, what then for the bonds that have been built on wounds? I wonder then what happens to those bonds and the commonalities. I wonder if they still hold as the scars do, or if they feel like they must stretch. And if they can stretch at all…

So what if we can choose to connect on a love level? What’s the difference? Suddenly the foundation is different. We don’t want to relive others’ lives, it’s not about ex partners or the last turbulent time, (we have media to bring us all the catharsis we ever need). Meeting on this level means that we connect on compassion: we see what people have gone through but from a macro perspective, not diving into the detail but understanding the bigger indicators about the other’s values, principles and processes. So what if we met and we melded over the way we own our power? We would meet and smile, we would share and rise, carrying each other ever up. We would bond over how we overcame boulders in our path in the same way and how we manage to remain positive. We would find common ground in inspiration and empathy and we would learn to ride the ebbs and flows. We would keep our own integrity but choose to share paths.

Imagine loving through a bond based on willing the other to aspire and achieve… how truly expansive the world would be then.



7 thoughts on “love in power

  1. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    This is a great post with a beautiful quote. I am reading Wendell Berry right now and essentially he says love begins at home and moves outward. When we take care of the home and those close to us, that process takes care of the world. It seemingly cannot help but do that.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and comment 🙂 Yes it’s a concept that cropped up recently for me and I found it such a beautiful way of looking at relationships and a path totally worth aiming for.

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