There is a structure that rings true in every life of which I have any kind of knowledge. It holds true with no exception that I can see, and yet I only learnt of it recently. I heard of its form, its rules and its applications and I wondered how it wasn’t taught to all of us.

We are all triangles. Walking, talking, breathing, digesting, loving, connecting triangles. And like everything else in the world, we are our own unique iterations of that shape. Some of us are more scalene, some more isosceles and it’s rare to find an equilateral. And your shape is something, unlike your genetic body, that you can change at will.

The triangle is the Triangle of Health and it identifies three sides to your overall structure of health and wellbeing. One side is your physical/structural makeup. From muscles to bones, it’s what gives you your aesthetic shape. The second side is your bio-chemical makeup, how all the chemicals, hormones, enzymes and such mix to your own individual cocktails. And the final side is your mental/emotional front, how you choose to perceive, filter and create your life truths. That wasn’t mind blowing to me, that just made simple sense. And then I thought about how much care I invested in each side.

Until I embarked on all these studies, I never realised how much my adrenals had to carry me. And because I was quietly feeling unsettled all the time, I was running on adrenaline. Because I was in overdrive, I was constantly shattered and ever more susceptible to whatever bug was going round the office. I would have to recruit more of my immune system to battle the bug, which would make me feel even more unsettled and off I’d go again. I have no idea how crazy my triangle looked, but I’m pretty sure, there wasn’t a single line of symmetry to be seen.

And the craziest thing? I thought it was normal. We think that it’s normal. We consider stress normal. We consider catching numerous viruses somewhat inevitable. We muddle along with increasingly cramped shoulders, bad digestion, low libido and whatever else you want to throw into the spectrum. We think it’s normal to have a sugar rush around 3 or 4pm, to wake around 3 or 4am for a bit. We think PMT is normal and that feeling panicky about something each day is to be expected. We think being healthy is going to the gym and then being able to consume anything. And we relegate the emotional to the occasional meltdown.

It will be a lifelong journey but I am now committed to pulling my triangle, degree by degree into as much of an equilateral as I can. It’s not easy and it takes focus. But every time I make headway, I give myself a hundred more reasons to keep going. The more I listen to my body, the better I know how to keep it limber and what to feed it. The stronger I feel physically, the better I manage the emotions. The better I feel in spirit, the less my body is taxed to pump stress hormones through me and the more I feel like exercising. It’s taken me nearly four decades of life to get that simple triangle. And the best thing is, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


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