All of us and all that surrounds us, on a quantum level, are mostly made up of space. We are mostly fields of energy in which things materialise, and change according to the viewer.

In life too, we all inherently need space. I will try to explain.

We need space to grow. Our nature is to evolve and expand, reach for new ideas, new views and new environments. To grow we need to trust own own judgement and pay heed to our own voice, to sense which are the most beneficial of paths. We don’t need to know of boundaries nor of limitations, given to us or assumed by our fears and defences. We just need to know that with each unfurling, the possibilities become a little more boundless.

To hear our inner voice, we need space to tune in. We need to carve out silences to understand what we already know, divorced from concerns of what others need and think and value. We need space to be, not reacting to others nor defined by others, but just to be. To hear the in breath and the out breath and to acknowledge our own sense of ground and root.

We need you to hold spaces for us so that, as we choose, you allow us a space of love and understand in from which we can take off. For love is not about boundaries but about flight and freedom and that is the space for which we crave the most. We need you to hold the space strong whilst we take first tentative hops and whilst we take the first strong downbeat of our wings that lifts us away from you. For, in love, we will always return to the space that set us free, happy and heart-ful of gratitude.

Space can seem scary, a place that slides into dark and something so vast that it sits beyond our comprehension. But it is in space that the most stunning of births and the most incredible of forces and mysteries are to be found. And that is what we all aspire to be. So if you want to show loving to yourself or to the soul that chooses to sit next you each evening, give them and yourself space and you will discover a whole universe to give in return.




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