I live and I learn. Some things I learn myself, some things I am shown and they make sense to me. The places and scenes, words and people that show me these things are my teachers. And for all learnings, from within and without, I am truly grateful. No learning is larger or better or more significant than another, no matter how large the ‘aha’ moment was when the lesson sunk in.
Some things I learnt with other people’s help. I learnt to walk trusting my own muscles but also by being dangled from the limbs of my parents. These skills too join the wealth of my lessons but neither are lessened by the collaboration nor made greater.
Some things I cannot possibly hope to learn but I know them anyway. I will never learn to make my own heart beat nor learn how to take a breath. I only know how to make it easier for myself by listening to my body and doing all that makes it the most beneficial environment I know how.
The longer I live, the more I learn that there are no right or wrong ways to be given a lesson. The more I live, the more certain I am that part of life is learning. And just as I nurture my health to help my heart beat and my lungs breathe, I too need to tend to my mind to allow it to learn all that it can with as much grace as I have in me. As I need to keep my body supple, my energy flowing, my mind must be open to see more, hear more and wire in more that will serve me on my path.
Only now do I think that I am even close to learning this lesson in itself. Long did I sit in silent frustration, walled up in mind sets that no longer protected me, but shackled me. Long did I sit believing that I had to somehow master all inner lessons alone, despite all other experiences telling me the contrary. Long did I mourn the life I thought I could never have, because that just ‘wasn’t who I am’.
Today, I am grateful for each and every mentor I have who has helped me crack open those mindsets to let the light in. Some have done it by challenging me, some by nurturing, some by demonstrating and some by reflection. I am grateful for every person who shared their stories with me to help me, bit by bit, build my own jigsaw image of my own thoughts and beliefs and what that made my life look like. Today, I vow to soak up all learning on all levels, to keep me living as fully as I can for as long as I can.

Inspired by the lines:
“While reading or listening, don’t work too hard. When the rain comes, the earth only has to open herself up to the rain….the teacher cannot give you the truth. The truth is already in you” (Thich Nhat Hanh – The Heart of Buddha’s Teachings) as the thunderstorm rolled in outside šŸ™‚



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