I look at your face and marvel that, day by day, it changes subtly, gently and forever and yet you are never a stranger to me. Every day I look at your face and marvel that you don’t see how you can shine. For every time I look, I am reminded how magnificently unique you are. I am reminded how there can never be, and will never be another you, as you are now. And I appreciate that you are in front of me, right here, right now.

I hear you and I know you speak your truth kindly. For you may not always insist that all meet in agreement on the same principle, but that everyone is heard equally. And equally you speak, never to drown out but just to offer your thoughts and ideas into the forum. You speak them kindly for you have learnt well that conversation is not about ego’s superiority, but for soul’s growth. Conversation is not about winning but about broadening horizons before honing personal perspectives on any given subject.

And I hear you balance expressing and explaining. For all that we do is an expression of our physical and mental, emotional and spiritual framework around that point in time. The more we know ourselves, the more closely our expressions of ourselves mirror our explanations of ourselves, in harmonic, calm energy. I hear the balance and I hear the learnings behind it. For you know that you cannot expect others to understand you on a level that you yourself have not yet achieved.

And as you speak who you are, I see you shine. By knowing who you were, who you are and who you want to be, you shine in the freedom of understanding it is all choice. And that the best choices comes from a place of love: love for yourself, for others and for the spaces in which we all make homes. And through your words, you always try to grow love, build with love and bridge gaps with love.

I sense you and I feel your energy grow as you pull down walls and open up to life to all it brings. I feel you light people up with what they perceive to be optimism, but that you know it is so much more. I feel you reaching for new experiences and new ways through and your world support you. I sense you flowing through challenge and celebration alike, never stopping to tether yourself to a single event, but taking what you need from it to make that next step.

You are what I want to see in my world and yours. A work in progress from the heart, starting from the inside out and trying to shine your light regardless. And I smile. Because I know that if I see it, it must be possible for me too. And if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for everyone.



4 thoughts on “so I see

  1. Safi, my beautiful friend I’ve been everywhere except here and I needed to read your words… Now as I read, they become mantras of what I want to be, how I’d like to be able to describe myself when I look in the mirror… The second paragraph ( in truth all your writing) is what i would most strive for. “Conversation is not about winning but about broadening horizons” this is something I need to remind myself, specially when I am expected to hold some kind of truth or mastery in front of my students… I have missed reading you and this has been a wonderful way to start my day, doing some introspection guided by you! Xo, alexandra

    • My darling Alexandra, I have missed seeing you here but trust that you are finding your own way as you are meant to. Hugs as always and always feel free to email if you ever need. xxx

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