I’m sitting in the garden, autumnal sun keeping me warm and the ground reminding me of how strong life is. Around me, little lizards slink their way to the next tree or leaf and the ants scurry on their missions. A spider sits patiently, poised in his new dead-leaf home. All is right with the world.
All is right with the world when I find time to be. Just be. Not Just Do It, although that does have a place in everyone’s life. But the more I look around me, I see more human doings than human beings. And I see them starting to fray at the edges.
To live,we have to understand that phrases like work-life balance or social life or down-time don’t actually serve us. Because it makes us compute life as something that happens in pockets. That it’s something that happens when we choose to pay attention to what we do with that 30 minute window before the next action.
As we sleep, we breathe, we circulate blood, but we don’t count it as life. As we work, we remind ourselves that we do it to earn money to earn us the right to stop in the way that treats us the most. We call it a good day when our work ‘allows’ us to down tools early to go do something enlivening.
But it’s all life. And most of us spend most of it doing something whilst waiting for something else to come along. We spend most of our lives running to the future or re-doing the past so that we can reel off a life’s accomplishments, like a CV.
Today, I will be doing not a lot. Today I will be being as much as possible and I count my blessings that I can. To many, it will look like laziness or unsociability or wasting precious time. But I see it as learning to be me. As a yoga session always ends with shivasana to allow the body to assimilate the practice, today I will be assimilating the week and what I have learned about myself. Because I truly believe that I will never know what to do next, if I don’t know who I want to be.




2 thoughts on “human be-ings

  1. “I see more human doings than human beings” Safi, this is so true… It’s all about doing and achieving not noticing how it contradicts or affects your plans of who you want to be… Beautiful post my darling friend, enjoy your garden, the breeze and may your blessings be countless…xo, Alexandra

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