I come to the day with an open heart and open mind, ready to embrace the joy and abundance that invigorates every second of every minute. And with the same openness I will embrace any challenge as a gift to expand and learn more about who I am and what I want.

I come to the day in the best health I can and therefore I have no cause for concern. My body is strong, and if I focus on bettering my mind, I’ll will not trip myself up. And for that I am blessed and shall seek to nurture both forward in the best shape possible.

I come to the day full of love for those who love me and those who don’t. For I recognise that all who are in my life can support me onto the right path through the right lessons to keep moving forward. And most importantly of all, I am full of love enough for myself to avoid diving into others’ lives before tending to my own. For it is only when I know how to care for myself that I can truly support others in learning to do the same.

I come to the day understanding that each moment is the only moment I have. Each moment is the only moment over which I have control and the ability to capitalise on all it offers. Each moment is my teacher, my mentor and my solace: telling me if I’m on the right path and tuned into the right things. It’s the sum of moment to moment that makes my life. And today, I want to add right and subtract right to get me to the right total before my head hits the pillow.

I come to the day accepting I am human and that having the intention to do this all is a good start!


7 thoughts on “the intention

  1. My dearest Safi, recently you started your post mentioning that you’d be 30-something in a few days; are these affirmations/mantras part of your welcoming and bidding adieu of a year? I feel that it is until we are on our way there that we can express it clearly… You have the strength of a beautiful and loving soul to make these intentions a reality, I am sure of it, xxxx my dear friend, alexandra

    • Darling Alexandra, thank you always, for your faith and support. They come from a mini-chapter of challenge and potential change, nothing associated with age but all associated with wanting to make it all count. Much love to you and your journey too xxx

      • How will we know when we have become the person we want to be? I don’t mind the journey, I am enjoying it, I am rejoicing in the continuous discovery of myself…but, will we ever get there, maybe if I first define THERE, I’ll know when I arrive, right?! aaah I love this… many x to you 🙂

      • hahaha, we will never be there as the horizons will always shift. But as long as they shift out and up instead of in and down, I am happy! xxx

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