The space between you and I is vast, beyond calculation and comprehension. Between where you appear to end and I appear to start flow oceans of thoughts, perceptions and judgements. In the crevasse between your reality and mine, a myriad of potentials exist and we shall only pluck but a few in our lifetimes to pursue, even less in which we shall share a common thread. You and I will never share breath, air or pulse, we will vibrate our way through our own energetic planes only maybe to match in resonance at some point for some brief flicker of commonality.

The space between you and I is miniscule, no more than a slither of a range of options that cascade across the the globe, borders and cultures. The differences between you and I are microscopic compared to myself and a sister in the opposite hemisphere. The space here is but a leap of an eye to a different but related thought, an easier vision and an opening of a new light. In the margin between where you think you stop and I start, there is more in common than is not.

Space is relative and you can choose to delineate it against any marker you choose. Choose from fear where you need to isolate what you can control or not, and the space between you and I shall always be virtually impassable. Your actions shall always have limited repercussions, your impact confined. Choose from love where you realise that all boundaries, separations and polarisations are but arbitrary lines drawn through the air and you and I shall always be neighbours or family. You shall see you have the ability to play a part in the most beautiful shift in compassion and creativity around the world, your impact vast beyond your comprehension.

Today make a choice in which space you wish to live, make a choice understanding what you wish for and why.


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