As you set foot through the front door, shrug off your jacket. There’s no need to protect yourself from the elements. Home is the place of privacy, a space into which no one else can enter without invitation, so as you close the door behind you, take off the top, your bottoms. Set aside your shoes, your accessories.

As you shed the layers superfluous to your skin, let the day slide to the floor. Unburden yourself from the to-do list, the unfinished tasks and the unsolicited feedback from anyone, including yourself. Breathe back into your body a sense of now, for that is all there is. The moments that made up today are as lifeless as your clothes without you in them, should you choose to make them so.

And as your naked sole touches carpet in a forward step, un clasp your ego and slide it off from around your shoulders. There is no need for posturing now, no role you have to adopt, no purpose you need to prove. All that is wanted here is a connection between sole and soul, grounded only in a sense of who you are. Not who you aspire to be, should be or once was.

Stand before the one you love with nothing on. For with nothing on, no layer attached to soften, distract or accentuate elements of who you are, you are truly naked. In stripped back thoughts and mind, in bare body and truth, in connected soul, you are your most beautiful. No rhetoric nor false promise has a home here, only truth sourced of love and spoken in compassion, through your gaze, touch and sound.

This is no striptease. Do not ask to see them as a body. This is no precursor to sex. Do not ask to see them as a fulfilment of a grand life purpose of procreation. This is an expression of who we all are. A beautiful many-layered canvas of who we are right now, in our perfect imperfections, in unbridled acceptance and approval, to make of the next moment what we will. It is about releasing fears and experiencing love, about moving from our heads to our whole selves. It’s about expressing all of ourselves in truth. And it should be the most beautiful moment in its depth of connection.

This is no striptease. This is home and so many of us have been homeless for far too long.



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