With changes afoot for me, it’s so interesting to hear people tell me that I’m right on track, on course for realising the new dreams and directions that now light me up. I agree with them but then it begs the question, is there really an ‘off course’?

There are a couple of people who I know who are doing it particularly tough right now. They are seemingly confronted with nearly insurmountable obstacles, are staring down giant challenges and questioning every step they take. They are certainly disorientated, feeling like they are supposed to be elsewhere and a different version of the person they see in the mirror.

And yet I can’t help but wonder if any of it is a deviation from the track we create for ourselves. If I truly believe that life happens for us, there is no ‘off track’, there is no time wasted following a desire that doesn’t end in delicious fruition. There is no roadblock that prevents us from reaching our end goal. If I believe that life happens for us, I have to consider the option that unfulfilled goals were never fulfilling, unmet targets were never worth the aim.

But then you have to make a commitment. You have to make a commitment to put yourself in the game whenever you get a sound inkling that you should participate. Every time. Not just when you feel like you can make time for it. But every time you feel those beautiful butterflies that indicates something just may bring you joy or excitement or expansion. The commitment to join in gives your life the biggest possible playing field from which it can create beautiful opportunities.

It doesn’t mean throwing yourself into everything with mindless abandon. And it doesn’t mean sitting idly by your life, waiting for something to come along and whisk you and I on some magical carpet ride. But it does mean that when things light you up, you need to step up and lean in. Because there are no tracks off course, only potentially changes: longer and shorter ways to get there. And that is a far more empowering thought.

If you are always on course, what greatness lies dead ahead that are you not lifting your eyes to see?




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