I’m tired. I’m tired of people taking their lives for granted. I’m tired of people putting things off indefinitely until the time is right or the sun is shining or they feel better. I’m tired of people treading water waiting to live whilst every day takes you closer to your grave.

Life is a blessing that not every one gets a chance to appreciate. Every day, we are blessed with air filling our lungs, our hearts beating blood, our eyes opening to light. We are blessed with a planet that still sustains us no matter what we do. Our environment nurtures us, allows us to grow tall and grow old, to travel or stay still, to develop or resist. It offers us natural cycles of time to energize and wind down. Every day we are offered countless choices and conundrums, all of which can unfurl our wings or can be ignored. Each day, the same energy that courses through the atmosphere, flows through the currents, and weaves through the ground permeates our skin, imbuing us with life force. There is never a better day than today.

And yet somehow, we wake to the day and think first of what we have not. If we don’t have love or we don’t have enough sleep, if we don’t have the freedoms we wished for or the weather to greet the day we had planned. We bemoan the clothes we don’t have and the duties to which we have tied ourselves. We settle into daily routines, physical and biochemical routines. We settle into limiting mindsets and walled emotions and then we wonder why we can’t see the beauty in the world around us anymore. And we look with despair to world leaders and celebrities to carve a better path for our own day to day existence.

My greatest wish for the world is for everyone to see how many choices we actually have. We, as individuals, choose to see the beauty of our lives. We, as individuals, have more power over our lives than we could possible imagine. You, today, can make any change you need to make your world a better place. You, today, can choose to turn your focus inwards to bring down the walls that make you weaker, not stronger as you once designed them. You alone can choose to procrastinate and drag out your journey or to charge ahead into unchartered lands of unlimited potential. You can choose to bind yourself with every hurt and every crisis that you have loved or you can choose to redefine yourself on your own terms. You can choose to see every hurt played out over and over again, or you can choose what to absorb and what to release.

There is no right or wrong path, no judgement anyone can pass, but at least make the choice. At least understand that there is no one else who is responsible for that choice. At least claw back enough mindfulness to take ownership of your existence. At least respect the souls that have gone before and those who will go after to appreciate the life that courses through your veins and your soul now. At least understand that whatever you hold off addressing, could be holding you off from the dreams you say you are chasing. Take responsibility for the love and the anger you spread each day and stop delegating your power out. Sit still if you want, but know that that is what you want. Race headlong into chaos but at least know you are setting the pace.

Life is a beautiful blessing. Our time will come when it comes. You owe it to you to greet it with a smile, without regrets, with the same open heart through which you lived your life and with the same grace. We are not designed to live the perfect life that we choose to imagine, but we are designed to find our edges and push mindfully and gracefully against them to see where a little more expansion can take us. We all have beautiful horizons ahead if only we would choose to see and step towards them.

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