I don’t know where we begin. Maybe it’s as our mothers grow, develop and with them the possibility of us. And there we wait, wait for our own unfurling, our own chance to shine. We wait patiently for our fathers to help us split and grow in a process that would look much like destruction to an untrained eye, but is the creation of so much more.

Do we begin when we draw breath from the world outside of us, opening lungs to an atmosphere which we inherently trust to nurture us? Is our beginning couched in those most physical of times as we learn limb from limb, where we stop and another body begins? Some of us rest there, couching ourselves in the physical realm. We establish ourselves and our virtues by our bodies and their shapes. Definitions are of strength and muscle, sex and endurance. But this stage is only part of us, only a sample of the story. Because to begin and remain in the physical relegates us to a dualism. An us and them. A me and you. And that is not all that we are.

Do we begin then as we begin to decipher emotion? As we realise we cry and laugh, project and retreat, is that when we begin? Some too will halt here, identifying themselves with what others consider transcience. They will define themselves as depressed or happy, trying to fix themselves to the most fleeting of moments in a bid to anchor themselves in a world of humanity, person reacting to person, in a bid to find commonality with someone else once again.

Maybe our true start is when we wake to the grander picture, the understanding that we are all connected, never alone in our physical essence and never abandoned in our emotions but always elementally and inherently connected. Maybe our start is when we rise above judgments and false paradigms of difference to see the world as a coherent entity of which we are a beautifully unique expression. But if we are all connected, all from the same source, then we have never truly begun. And if we have never begun, it’s because we can never end.

And if there is no start and no finish line, maybe we don’t need to spend so many hours pushing against each other to express our truth. Maybe all we should ever be doing is be a part of a movement for the better. To contribute when we can, where we can to the expansion of the greater good. Maybe we are best without sitting in our anxiety and our fear, our insecurities and our stresses bemoaning the day to day grind. Maybe we owe it to those before us, around us and ahead of us to see opportunities, make great change whatever that means to us to help propel our collective energy forward, flowing and ever fertile.


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