How starting the day with friends makes the day lighter and brighter. It’s about re affirming your connection to the rest of the world, re establishing your threads of energy with that which serves you best and what you offer best. It’s about remembering the power of a smile and the futility of a frown.

How all the things that sustain us are the things that we are least mindful
about. We don’t breathe deeply enough, we don’t eat slowly enough, we don’t move enough to support our hearts beating regularly enough, we don’t nourish our closest loves enough. The things that we need the most are the things that we gamble with the most. We offer our worst at times and trust that all will keep on keeping on.

How quietly we undermine. I watched a video the other day and pondered on how ‘race studies’ means studying ethnic minorities, ‘gender studies’ women, ‘sexuality studies’ homosexuality. I watched another video and pondered on what ‘like a girl’ had come to mean. I’m reading ‘The Queen’s Code’ and I see what men and women do to each other and I wonder how we let the pattern set.

How we hold ourselves off from joy. We are scared of jinxing something that will always roll out for the best anyway. But we rarely allow ourselves to indulge in a moment of joy…just in case. Yet we can sit and mourn something that hasn’t happened yet. We can dwell in that emotion, kidding ourselves that we either know what is to truly happen or to, in some way, prepare ourselves for it. Which dwelling never does. For we hold ourselves in a fake stagnation, and life always flows.

How we assume control over that which we cannot control and pay no mind to that which serves us most. What if for today, we assumed the negativity in our world came from us and we did all we could to fix that, just for a day. What if we woke and thanked our hearts and lungs for bringing us to light and be mindful of what we breathe and beat our way through. What if we noticed the taste of food and the feeling of a hug with a loved one, just for 24 hours. Isn’t it funny that none of us can really tell what an impact that would have unless we actually did it.


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