Before you judge, take a step back. Does the judgement actually serve to improve your life or theirs, or does it serve to maintain dichotomies set up long before you drew breath? Is the person a true manifestion of all you love or hate, or do they happen to have caught you on a day when that matters to you.

Before you judge, remember that that is a person, not a product. With reality tv and social media, there is a thin line drawn and slowly being erased between connecting with someone and consuming their output as any other kind of entertainment media that’s out there. And with the lines of what constitutes news consistently being smudged, it is down to us to form mindful circuits between our eyes, brain and intuition. But whatever the vista we are looking upon, when you boil everything down to the fundamentals, you are talking about people, humanity, someone’s relative who lives and breaths flaws as eloquently as you do.

Before you judge, remember that in doing so, you promote the cycle. The cycle that makes you question what you wear to a function, that makes you rethink speaking a gentle truth, that makes you drop your gaze rather than make eye contact. That cycle is only being upheld by you and I. If you opt out, there is no cycle. There is only me with my issues and no way of feeding it into society in an implicitly approved way.

Before you judge, ask how the judgement brings light to the world, not just your world. Ask if it serves to feed your ego or your soul. Ask if you have a right to cast a definition of ‘right’ into the mix, and if reciting the freedom of speech act is worthy employment of such a hard-won liberty. Ask if your judgement, in energy, seeks to promote the very thing that you are trying to stop, just overlaid with different words, but in sentiment just the same.

Before you judge, ask what it shows of you.





2 thoughts on “judge/me/n’t

  1. And just when you think you’re through with judging people you find yourself judging others for judging people and wonder – will this spiral ever end?

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