Place one foot in front if the other and catch your balance. Once stable, dare to look a little ahead. Notice beyond the shapes, the spaces between your toes, and see that the minute spaces are connected to a much bigger world. Notice that your toes are not the end of your step but the point from which you will next spring off. Push off. Move away from it as you start your next one. Leave it behind without sentiment or attachment, just a quiet confidence that all was as it was supposed to be.
Notice how, as you leave the earth to move forward, you know the land upon which you will land instinctively, concretely and yet will not know what it feels like until earth is back underfoot in its own unique way in that particular time and space. Acknowledge that you know intuitively that, were anyone else to land in that very exact same spot before or after you, that the experience would be different. Same land, same foundation but altered ever so slightly by your presence, their presence and what has been.
Step again and realise that the same rule of constant and change still applies and always will. Your life, progress, motion is inextricably bound to thought, faith and energy shared between you and the earth underfoot.

And I wonder what a simple step can teach us.





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