Between you and I lies a land. It spreads as far as the eye can see and as far as the mind’s eye can perceive. It stretches over water and air, to reach your soul to mine.

Between you and I lies a unique terrain. It lies peppered with smooth streams a-flowing and rocky paths alike. I cannot see all that lies by your side, not you at mine. But over the land, we share navigation points, landmarks and milestones. We share where territories overlap with others and what lies shared only by us.

Between you and I lies a myriad of universes, lands overlapping lands and yet somehow with beautiful undiscovered pockets waiting to be found and with somehow still sacrosanct borders which you and I have upheld. We share some neighbours, but I know not all. And I trust to never see them encroach, as they do with me.

What is on your side of the land does not define you or what we share. It is constructed and cleared by you, with implicit approval or criticism from me, and likewise. It is managed conjointly and collaboratively. That single territory cannot be your sole identifier because it is not the only territory to which you belong in partnership with someone else. And it doesn’t come close to comparing to the universe that lies within. The part of you for you, shared by few, pure and vast beyond compare.

Layer upon layer, we have built our own worlds with much terrain to which we must tend. And, as ever, to understand our borders, our no-mans land, our heartlands and our homes, we must first understand ourselves. We must first understand what our core is upon which everything else resides. If we don’t, we risk felling walls that served us or protecting borders that don’t. We risk letting intruders define who were are and drawing false affiliations.

We are but souls living on a world where people seek to define people in terms of tribes. We seek to carve groups, commonalities in spirit, mind and physical realms and then defend them unquestioning. We seek to define ourselves by the physical place we occupy: the geographical location of the earth under our feet and the key to our front door; what borders we have crossed and the ones we will never touch. And all of this ignores the land between you and I.

The land between you and I lies in common energy: the air we breathe, the gravity that grounds us, the sun and the moon that reminds us of change. The weather you feel will affect the weather I feel, just as the mood you’re in can affect the mood in which I sit. The way you drive your car can affect the flow of people getting somewhere, just as the way you share your love can. It is not so different, the land which we share and the land on which we live. Neither ultimately define us but both affect our day-to-day and the lands around them. And both will shine brighter if you can bring the beauty of your own core forth, true in its unique strength, fiery in its passion and strong enough to make everything more stable than it’s ever been before.



6 thoughts on “our land

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m glad that I managed to convey my thoughts in a way that made sense to someone! May you have a wonderful day and I truly appreciate the time you take on my blog.

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