Between here and there, I somehow found you. You’ve been around all the time, but between borders and boundaries, somewhere beyond the commonplace and the current, you became more alive in my life.

As I traveled between here and there to find myself and rediscover who I am, you became a new lighthouse, a beacon of where I can rest and to help shine a light back out to new adventures.

As you transitioned between here and there, I watched you grow, lit by the wonders of the world and the abundance of the universe. I saw new experiences overwrite old wiring and responses. I saw a child spirit revitalised and integrated.

As the sun set and then set again between here and there, I saw old shadows slide graciously by. As they gave way to light, there you and others were, as you’ve all been all the time and yet never as before: bigger but lighter, known but bearing so much beauty yet unknown.

Between here and there, I’m coming home, spanning new divides and turning in a brand new direction. And all I know is that between here and there, you became a fellow traveller always side by side. Welcome and thank you.



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