Last night I sat in the company of positivity, people who believe that setting your mind to the positive sets your path to the same. Last night we talked and as we talked, I smiled. Because in company like that, life is always better, infinitely brighter and much more palateable.

Last night as we exchanged words and views, energy and connection, I giggled that it was over dinner. Giggled because I think that it was an easy analogy for what the conversations were about.

To me, there are two ways you can see the things that come your way in a day. Whether you hide on the sofa or stride through the streets, the day will still bring things to you. And with technology as it is, this is only ever more true. As the minutes and hours bring you stimuli and scenarios, you always have a choice: to make each one a brick or a plate.

Day on day I see people making bricks, turning events into solid, immutable reasons why they must defend, retreat, shore up or fortify. I see people feel increasingly like the world isn’t theirs and that humanity is a myth. I see stories become cases for why they’ve relinquished control of this or shackled that to an inch of its life. I see it and I know that fear is the driving force. Fear that the world is the world in the media, relationships are all the one that scarred them, habits are bigger than spirit, patterns are set, failure is somehow inevitable.

I see energy poured into taking away, holding off and pulling in and I wonder how we got here. I wonder how we can all shudder at the thought of solitary confinement and then build our own cell. I’ve done it and I did it beautifully for years. I decorated it with all sorts of finessed justifications and I called it home, sanity, being realistic, sensible. I loved it and felt safe in it, until one day I got a peak of the world outside. And I knew then that brick by brick, I had to unpick my way out.

For the same world that can present as so terrifying, anarchic, unruly and overwhelming cannot be so strange. After all, everything around us are of the same elements, part of the same evolution, imbued of the same energy. No matter how you wish to hold yourself off from it, we are all inextricably connected. And if that’s all true, then wouldn’t it make sense that each day could also be bringing you light, chances not conflicts?

What if we were to see each day’s events as plates, serving us morsels of life from which to pick, taste, nourish ourselves? What if each day were bringing us opportunities to just hone our tastes of what resonates with us best and to appreciate that others have different tastes from you? What if it were all sustenance teaching us to digest? I wonder then how we’d nurture our appetite for life rather than take away from it.



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