Evolution brought us here, to human life and all its quirks to which we contribute meaningfully and mindlessly each day. And perhaps the oddest of them all, the voice of the thumbs.
As thumbs tap screens, offering energy to keystrokes translated into symbols which brings me to you and you to me, we pour feelings over chips and circuits to speak our truths. As the words pour down, unfiltered and rarely distilled, so the steam of noise is added to endlessly, beeps and clicks to mark their arrival and their departure out to see where and when and how they land.
For some, speaking thumbs has become their mode of communication, skin glancing across screen to be the harbingers of chaos or heartwarming morsels of soul offered up irrespective of geography. For some, thumbs have become more, a happy wall behind which they can reside and never have to put faith in making the right sound in a conducive environment.
And as thumbs become ever more dextrous at translating mind and heart into arbitrary characters and sequences that gain significance only through their repetition, I wonder what happens to the fluency of the lips and skin. What happens to a finesse of touch or tone between those who seek true connection. I wonder it will ever seem that the thumbs will suffice. Because I see ever more lessons on how to speak language of body and voice all the more, on how to give voice and noise to personal truths and movement and motion to bodies, neither no longer knowing how to carry what they carry.
There will be thumb moments in a day, ironically this is one of them, but my wish for you us that they remain moments and that we never mistaken the thumbs for more than the messengers. They bring not the full messages nor meaning to your life in the end.



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