As the lightening forks through the sky above me and we drive home through flooded streets, it washes away my day and I find space to pay my respects.

Whatever your day’s been today, and may it have been less challenging than mine, may you also be able to take a minute today.

May you be able to feel your body and feel blessed that it still houses you no matter what.

May you revel in the assumption that it will wake you up tomorrow and the tomorrow after that.

May you be able to feel your heart beat and know that there are others around who cares that it beats on.

May you see the rain and be grateful for it nourishing the ground, see the sun and thank it for nurturing plants up.

May you get to (leave) work acknowledging it for what it is, a chance to shine or at least earn some money to lighten the load.

May you walk amongst people and be happy that you belong to humanity, a brotherhood and sisterhood of billions.

May you be grateful for the transport that got you somewhere, the bird that caught your attention, the services that surround us, the beat to which you move.

Today, not too far away from here, a father and mother said goodbye to a son, brothers to a brother, teammates to a teammate, a sport to an advocate, fans to a hero. We, as a world, watched a man fall last week, living his dream, thriving in life. I didn’t know him, but I respect all that I saw of him. I didn’t know his truths but I admire that he chased his dreams.

In all the clutter and clamour of today, I take a minute to recognise the loss of a man who dared to remind us of what lies in all of us.



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