My notes are littered out of my head
Spilling into thumb on screen
In a poor man’s reflection of the brain
And its circularity of thought

It’s amazing how evolution brought us here
To a point where symbols echo souls and lies
With equal prowess and speed
And usual aversion to interrogation or etiquette

Posts lie unfinished, unfiled and unspoken,
Not in ether nor in neurons
But a curious virtual space of no home
Stuck in a phone
A character graveyard of ideas waiting for rebirth onto someone else’s screen

I wonder if my life is as disparate as this collections of knowings and musings
If it’s a metaphor for what I need to sift and sort
And for how much progress is yet before me
Or if our stories are always thus
And we just invest in the bits that we align to write in one shot

I wonder if writing this with line breaks and minus punctuation
Lets me off from structure and syntax
Leaves me open to more expansive thoughts
Or if it’s just a cop out….




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