I watched a YouTube video the other day, just yet another cat funny. Another video capture of a moment in time that clearly tickled the videographer enough to see if they could make a connection with others through the fun. Underneath the video, the comments were full of disbelief and rage. No joy abounded, just pure, vivid anger at what some people perceived to be a revelling in cruelty and disregard for other living creatures.

It made me wonder how connections have become so elastic as to incur the opposite reaction to that which you seek. How have we got to a point where there is such little consensus over what is permissible, accepted and shared?

I know that variety in the world is necessary and a blessing. That by jostling your way between a range of ideas, principles and behaviours, you enjoy a unique chance to work out who you are and what your personal priorities are in life. But with the advent of technology, there has been an unprecedented proliferation of avenues for distraction, deception and deviation. It is easier now to have no idea what course to which you’ve set your sail than ever before. It is easier than ever before to state your life mission and yet never take massive action to realise it. It’s easier than ever to roll around in the bed of noise and smooth yourself into a pebble at the mercy of each new wave.

In the noise and the melee of souls drifting, our voices damn and raise others’ actions to exultation. A fleeting moment of judgement that then sinks into the mundane chorus. Heroes rise and fall in a breath.

Connections can only be tangled from here. From the mass of emotion and thought, there is nothing to crystallise, nothing to form a true handhold. We don’t know who we are and we don’t know who you are. We’re losing the ability to see each other as subjects, not objects. We are losing sight of the shared soul for the fixation on the corporeal. We’re sliding away from humanity to a senseless mass of people jostling and shouting, throwing words like spears, hurling our energies around, and then wondering why we feel so empty.


Today, the skies empty themselves here for another day. They wash the floor and the earth on which we blindly tread each day. Reflections soften edges, bringing floors onto walls, clouds onto trees. The mirror droplets remind us that we are a totality, that what you do today matters to you and everyone else. That the words you issue forth today, in jest or in jeer, in joy or in anger matter. The energy you use to mobile limb in front of limb, gaze onto and into the world today matters. The smile you lend someone matters. The frown with which you weigh someone down matters. Each and everyone of us is responsible. Every moment of every day.

It’s a weighty responsibility, but it’s also the grandest of opportunities. We get to CHOOSE to embody humanity as we would like it. We get to gift the day, consciously and compassionately, the very best we can offer. We get to discern the positive in everything, we get to lift someone else up, we get to weave our matrix clearer so we and others can navigate easier. We get to contribute. We get to make a difference.

The weight of responsibility is a gift. It makes the changes you make now make a difference. It’s what makes it all count. It’s why we respect people who trim their sails to flow with the best in the world. We recognise the work in the glide through, in holding the course. Well, there is only one sight that can beat a lone ship, and that’s a unified fleet, rising above the waves of inequity and the facile inebriation of the senses to lead the way to new lands and brighter stories.

It’s not beyond any of us, captaincy is inherent in us all. It’s in our capacity to empathise and rationalise, to intuit and inform. All we have to do is start each day with a recognition and an intention:

I am you and you are me.
We deserve the best we can be.
Do it for you or do it for me
but do it lovingly, compassionately and mindfully.

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