Dear Me,

If I could say one thing, it would be don’t give up the magic. You’ll be teased and sidelined for it while growing up but it’s a part of you. It’s what keeps you light and bright. It’s what makes falling asleep under moonlight and waking to ever changing skies so intrinsically inspiring to you. Magic brings you permission to gaze wondrously at the world that so many try to escape. It makes you write notes to invisible people. It allows you to giggle, chortle or guffaw as the mood takes you.

Your belief in magic will be mocked by your peers as they mature and for a while you’ll be tempted to cave to the mockery. If you do, you’ll spend years feeling lost and in darkness, depressed and without direction. No-one will know, but your light will flicker endlessly trying to catch your love once more.

It may seem nonsensical, fantastical but it will keep you true to yourself. Your beliefs will give rise to your values and your values will help you know the true friends from the others. It will help you tread lightly to and from work and serve you best in quiet contemplation outside in the breezes and elements of nature. Magic allows you to have faith that those suffering around you will find happiness, those raging at the world can find peace and that there is always something positive to be found no matter what.

Magic is your softness and your strength. It’s your sparkle and your fervour. Don’t let the shadows hold it down. Don’t let those obsessed in the material swathe it under the weight of superficial standards. Don’t let people tell you that it doesn’t exist and that your faith in the best of the world is too annoying to hear.

Life is not the childhood jibe or the traffic jam frown. It’s not the snigger behind your back or the quiet yet public putdown. Life is in the dandelion clocks that you love to blow and the tadpoles you love to watch. It’s in the taste of fresh running water and dust from the desert in your walking shoes. It’s in the embrace from anyone you love and in the smile to strangers you don’t even know. It’s in a spin on the dance floor and singing like no-one can hear.

Your life, your magic, your petrol is in flow. Anything that sends the magic further, higher, deeper, brighter. And the world will always need a little magic. Surround yourself only with other magicians. Those who love to weave happiness through the very fabric of each day and do just that, every day. They are the ones who will help you thrive, the ones who want the magic to survive.

Don’t give up the magic because it will always be right there, waiting for you to come home.





5 thoughts on “magic advice

  1. Lots I want to respond to in your recent musings….. I can relate to a lot of it but just wanted to say that you are my magic! Xxxxx

    Sent from Samsung tablet

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