Driving over the bridge today and, on the large industrial pipe that spans its width, sit four cormorants. Each bird stands tall, wings unfurled to soak up the baby beams of the sun as they too unfurl to the day. Moving statues, they move with calm intention then rest. They understand they are in company but sit in their own integrity, position and vantage point. And I, in the bus, am reminded to consciously unfurl too, to decide what to soak up in my waking hours to influence not only today, but also what I take with me into tomorrow.

The sun glints hard through the panes, the angle just enough to bring too much brightness. It’s easy to turn away from such brilliance, close eyes to such illumination, get angry at its intensity. But, consciously, I smile in it. It reminds me that light has as much power as darkness and it helps me see the vibrant magic around me. It shone on the possum slumbering outside my kitchen window and the pinky hues of a sunrise. It will dapple my path to work today and bathe my body in a warmth that reminds me that this planet is my home.

I unplug myself from the social media routine that usually time warps my travel to the office. This morning, as all week, I notice the difference: a less chattering mind and more inquisitive thoughts. I’ve notice more, like the homeless man bounding up to help two people with a cumbersome load, and the sprinkler mist over school grounds. I feel the breeze swirl from face to neck and the instinctive cock of my head to the left as I hear something interesting from my e-book. I see more and observe better.

Over the Harbour Bridge I go, and see the cityscape peppered with tree and ship, island and antenna and I can’t help but marvel at this space we inhabit. It is full of such variety and yet so much similarity, so much life and so much still, light, reflection and shadow all seamlessly co-existing. And it’s all the lessons I need as I try to unfurl my wings for today.




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