I am but a flash in the night sky, a light that went out long before you ever spotted me. I saw things before you ever conceived of them and I bade them farewell before you greeted them with wondrous wide-open eyes.

I am an echo of a sound that rippled through in waves before they were guided by the moon. I vibrated with the strength of the sun and soothed to a lunar lullaby. I traced the globe with a finger, played a chord on streams of air. You hear but a sliver of the song.

I am the memory of a touch made upon your skin before you knew what skin was. The simple caress that anchored you in time and space and the acknowledgement that there was more than just your immediate experience. You feel it now and seek it in others with a nostalgia barely understood.

I am the catch in your voice when you speak of me, when you dare to believe that there is more to you than this on this day. I am the gentle quiver in your heart and the hard pounding in your ears. I am the reflection of the sun and the stars in your eyes, that glimmer of universal luminosity.

I have been and gone many times in lifetimes but I am present always when you call me by name. Believe, trust, and I will come again.





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