We live in a world obsessed with growth. Be it making a house bigger or a part of the body, be in income or outgoings, we want things to grow. And to grow, we make things bigger. Bigger possessions make the pile of possessions bigger, longer hours to work more to earn more. For things to be bigger, we think they have to be more than they were before. 

And yet, over the last month, I think I have caught a glimpse of a different system. There is a different world within this world and I am grateful to have a window, and a foot, in. You see, for things to grow materially, there needs to be more. But for us to grow internally, emotionally, spiritually, there needs to be less. Much less. 
I’ve had the privilege of watching a group of strangers unite over a common cause and slowly dump things to grow. We’ve dumped back-breaking truths and action-numbing beliefs. We’ve dropped pretences and masks. There’s so much more to go. What fills those spaces now is strong. What fills the gaps is abundant and rich. But it’s also simple, less complex. 
We are all familiar with the concept. Some of us might even agree with it. But it’s so very rare to see people suddenly adopt it. And if it’s half as powerful as I’m witnessing, I reckon it’s worth a go. I reckon it’s worth stripping out the old stories and banks of ‘memories’ to which we only cling to affirm the old stories. I reckon it’s worth re-assessing the hoards of things that were once treasure and now lie scattered unwanted surrounding ourselves. 
I’m even more sure now it’s worth trying to acknowledge at least one of our own personal treasures that we bring to the world just by being purely us. I’m convinced that the growth, abundance, that comes from that place is worth more than that gained in any other way. There is a saying ‘less is more’ and I have an inkling that it’s more than I ever imagined. And if you even have an inkling that I may be right, I wonder what you can drop, dump, let go of to travel lighter to that richer place today. 

2 thoughts on “inverse proportions

  1. Dearest friend, I am letting go of my judgemental and negative nature in my pursuit of peace and joy, of ecuanimity that’ll hopefully help me manage my energy, because it is quite draining the sad place these emotions put me in… So less negativity is more energy. It is requiring that I be very conscious of my thoughts and words but the reward is so worth this plus I’m hoping this’ll get easier as I go along and eventually become my new better nature.I think it feels difficult because I’m just starting after having been raised in this environment the breaking free is intense šŸ™‚ many hugs my dear Safi, Ale

    • the breaking free is intense but is easier when you understand they are just stories we’ve been told a lot of times, that’s all. Less negativity is indeed more energy to direct elsewhere. I will support you all I can
      xx Much love always

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